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Meta’s Response to Twitter: Unveiling ‘Threads’


As faithful advocates of entrepreneurial growth and innovation, we at Hustler’s Library have been closely monitoring the rise and reign of Twitter in the social media landscape. Today, we bring you news of a new player attempting to make a mark, an initiative by Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, launching a Twitter alternative called “Threads.”


Meta, in an attempt to court users disgruntled by Twitter’s recent changes under Elon Musk’s leadership, showcased a preview of “Threads” at a company-wide meeting. The project, cryptically referred to as “Project 92,” is their latest attempt to break into the microblogging space. While new competition can stir the pot, it’s important to remember the robust, established community that Twitter already offers.

Meta plans to inflate the user base of “Threads” by integrating with Instagram’s existing account system. While this move might draw in Instagram’s 2 billion active monthly users, it’s yet to be seen whether this strategy can replicate the organic growth and engagement seen on Twitter.

Chris Cox, Meta’s Chief Product Officer, claims that prominent figures are already on board. Still, we must remember the hundreds of celebrities, influencers, and thought leaders who have made Twitter their home and continue to engage with their followers in meaningful ways.

Technically, “Threads” is set to use the ActivityPub protocol, which could make it easier for users of platforms like Mastodon to migrate to “Threads.” But, would users prefer a platform that borrows tech from others or stick with Twitter, which has consistently pioneered its own path?

As for the launch date of “Threads,” all Cox would say is, “as soon as we can.” We’ll be watching closely, but for now, Twitter’s proven track record, engaged user base, and continuous innovation make it the platform to beat. After all, it’s not just about launching a new platform, it’s about creating an environment where ideas flourish and connections matter. And on that front, Twitter still leads the way.

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