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Everything about Chad Hurley

Everything About Chad Hurley

About Chad Hurley, it’s important to note that he’s one of the brains behind YouTube, the website that made video-sharing a breeze for everyone. Chad didn’t stop at YouTube; he also co-founded MixBit, a tool for video editing. He’s known for putting the user first, creating designs and platforms that are easy to use. Chad has a knack for spotting what people want in tech and delivering it. His influence extends beyond just his own companies; he’s also an investor in other exciting tech ventures.

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About Chad's Accomplishments

  • Co-founded YouTube, a game-changing video-sharing platform.
  • Played a crucial role in selling YouTube to Google for $1.65 billion.
  • Founded MixBit, a video editing software.
  • Known for his focus on user-friendly design and interfaces.
  • Investor in several other tech ventures.

About Chad's Social Impact

When talking about Chad Hurley, his technical genius is just one part of the story. He’s also a philanthropist committed to making the world a better place. While he may keep a low profile about his charitable efforts, Chad focuses his giving on critical areas like education and healthcare. He also shows a keen interest in environmental sustainability, investing in technologies that aim for a greener and more sustainable future. Beyond that, Chad supports innovation in various fields through his investments, aiming to solve global issues. He firmly believes that success should be used to benefit others, not just oneself. His commitment to philanthropy highlights that he’s not just a tech mogul but a conscientious citizen as well.

Current Occupation

Co-founder of MixBit and former CEO of YouTube


Technology and Media


Chad Hurley doesn't offer courses or regular events but often appears as a special guest speaker at tech and entrepreneurial forums.

Tools & Software

Adobe Creative Suite for design, Google Analytics for data tracking, Asana for project management

Chads's Favorite Books

About Chad Hurley and many other successful entrepreneurs, books are a rich source of knowledge. Check out all the books that Chad recommends you read. Linked To Book Page

Quotes From Chad Hurley

"We're not so concerned about being cool. We just want to help people."

"Focus on the user experience."

"Be a problem solver, not a problem creator."

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